friendsIt’s been almost a year since I’ve made my last miniature fox so I’ve thought I should made some more. They are quite difficult animals to sculpt, so I probably won’t make more of them too soon.

Miniature Dog House Tutorial


This video tutorial shows how to make a doll’s dog house from cardboard and other common materials using simple tools.

The plans used in the video are free and you can get them in PDF format here: miniature dog house plans.

Just print them in a 1:1 ratio if you want a dog house the same size you see in the video (fits a large dog in one inch scale). If you want a different size house scale the plans accordingly while printing.

The tutorial can be seen here: How to Make a Doll Dog House

Dollhouse rocking horse

Been working on this dollhouse horse for quite a while. First I sculpted the body out of clay, then made a mold and cast a few copies, which I plan to finish into different colors and make a small series.

The tack is real leather and is glued onto the body. The rails are made by hand and are plum wood, since this is what I had available from a spring trimming of our orchard, a few years ago.


28For the next miniature rocking horses I’ll try to vary the color of the body, the color of the mane and tail, the shape and materials used for harness and rails. This way each one will be one of a kind, even if they share the same body, just like real rocking horses.

It is available on eBay!